Shellfish farming

Do you prefer the salty taste of shellfish to accompany your glass of wine or Noilly Prat? Then you have chosen the ideal destination for your holiday, as Marseillan is also renowned for its shellfish farming. 

Head for the shores of the Thau lagoon to taste oysters, clams, mussels and fish, all accompanied of course by a sunny local wine... But before pushing open the doors of the region's shellfish farms, a little history. 

  • A bit of history:

Thanks to its link with the Mediterranean Sea, the Thau Basin already naturally enjoys a beautiful fauna and notably several varieties of fish. Amongst others, we find sea bream, bass and sandeel. 

The basin is also known for its natural shellfish reserve, which is actually due to several centuries of cultivation attempts. Thanks to all these attempts, there are now several oyster and mussel beds, as well as oyster and clam hatcheries, which can be seen behind the scenes in the famous shellfish farms scattered around the basin. 

  • Discovery and tasting: 

We were selling you a dream a few words ago. Now it's time for the tasting. Head for the Tarbouriech Le St Barth tasting counter, the Ultra Marine Mas Castaldo and La Ferme Marine to precede this gourmet moment with a guided tour. 

Otherwise, you can always go straight to the table at Chez Titin, Coqui-Thau, La Cabane and Mas Bleu, before taking a few souvenirs home with you (don't forget your cool box).  


  • Vignobles et Découvertes
  • Bienvenue à la ferme
Chemin des Domaines Lieu dit Montpénèdre 34340 MARSEILLAN
21 Route des Parcs 34340 MARSEILLAN
Shellfish and fish takeaway direct from the fisherman-shellfish tasting.


  • Vignobles et Découvertes
  • Bienvenue à la ferme
30 chemin de l'Etang Port Conchylicole des Mazets 34340 MARSEILLAN