The must-haves


Between shellfish farming and vine growing, Marseillan is full of cultural and culinary treasures. Its historic centre, its port, the famous Canal du Midi, its beaches, the Bagnas reserve or the Noilly Prat house, there are so many things to discover. That's why we've put together a top 12 list of Marseillan's must-sees... With a little bonus! So don't wait any longer to explore this charming resort.


The heritage circuit of Marseillan-Ville

Your heart sways between Marseillan-Ville and Marseillan-Plage... And that's understandable!

If you finally decide during your stay to escape this first one, then you will have the chance to live a unique experience: a trip back in time.

Go to the Marseillan reception office or directly here to find out about the different stages that will mark your leap into the past. There are no less than 14 stops waiting for you, all of which have an interpretation plaque.

So, put on your shoes and sunglasses and set off for an hour and a half to discover the history of Marseillan through the port, the Place Carnot, the Château du Bayle, the Henri Maurin theatre...

The Big Market

A gentle and delicious wake-up call? This is the experience we suggest you have during your holidays in Marseillan and not just anywhere.

We suggest you take advantage of your visit to taste the flavours of the region at the Grand Marché of Marseillan. Are you tempted? 

Go every Tuesday morning in the historic centre and from June to September on the seafront to attend this major event in the life of the town. And above all, be prepared to plunge into a world of scents and colours in the middle of these aisles full of food products, but also craft products.

If you like to detect the soul of a destination through its markets, don't miss the other markets : flea markets, second-hand goods markets... which punctuate Marseillan and complete the rich programme of the seaside resort.

  • Markets of Marseillan - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau

The port of Marseillan

For this new suggestion of the "Must-See" of Marseillan, we are cheating a little because this time we invite you to visit not one, but two ports!

Your first stop will be at the port of Marseillan-Ville... Once a fishing port, then a trading port (wines and spirits) with the boom in maritime transport in the 19th century, it is now a marina which has retained all its charm.

Don't hesitate to stroll along the quays and look for the boat of your dreams among the 350 that are moored there. Don't miss the merchant's houses and the monumental wine cellars that are hidden among the many restaurants in this part of Marseillan.

  • Port of Marseillan  - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau

The Canal du Midi

Before telling you a little more about this jewel classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the last stop of which is in Marseillan, we suggest you continue your discovery of the port of Marseillan, but this time at Marseillan-Plage.

Indeed, it is here that the "second part" of our point 3 is located and it is not by chance since it is on the jetty that you will have the most beautiful view of the launches, the boats and the catamarans.

Once the presentations with the port of Marseillan-Plage have been made, it is time for us to give you a new experience: sailing on the work of Pierre Paul Riquet. Aboard the Bateaux du Soleil or Midi Cap Thau, let us guide you along a few kilometres (among the 250) that make up the Canal du Midi.  

This cruise will give you a good introduction to this national treasure, but also to the Thau lagoon, Marseillan and Sète. Keep your eyes open on the way back, because another surprise awaits you... One last turn and the jetty is there, crowned with its lighthouse... Here is the eastern end of the canal, also known as the Pointe des Onglous...

  • Canal du Midi - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau


Bathed by the Thau lagoon and the Canal du Midi, Marseillan-Plage offers the luxury of bathing in the Mediterranean Sea or in the lagoon.

The seaside resort also gives thrill-seekers the choice of trying out various water sports at the port: sailing, paddle-boarding, diving, parasailing... And nature lovers can enjoy the breathtaking view of the oyster beds on one side and the mussel beds on the other.

For holidaymakers who need to be close to the shops? Head for the Plage d'Honneur. Perpendicular to the Avenue de la Méditerranée, it will offer you the proximity of all the services and equipment of the latter, conducive to a beautiful day at the beach.

Lovers will be delighted to extend this outing at sunset and walk hand in hand along the promenade that runs alongside the beach and the avenue.

  • Beach of Marseillan - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau

The Avenue of the Mediterranean

We mentioned it just now: the Avenue de la Méditerranée is the perfect place to spend a nice afternoon finding gifts for your friends and/or enjoying the specialities of the region (oysters, brasucade...) or not (ice cream...).

And to get rid of the few calories taken during your shopping session / your holidays, what could be better than renting a bike or a rosalie on this same avenue before escaping along the beach and the port.   

For any further information, don't hesitate to stop by the Marseillan reception office on your way. The team there will be happy to provide you with information, but above all to give you some good addresses.

  • Avenue of the Mediterranean - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau

Cycle routes

Cycling routes Extend your rental to cover the 25 kilometres of cycle paths that wind through Marseillan and offer the opportunity to visit Sète or even Cap d'Agde. The choice is yours!

But if we were to recommend one, it would be the route that links Marseillan-Plage to Sète. Start on the right bank of the lagoon, make a (gourmet) stop in Mèze and return via the south bank (preferably in the late afternoon) to admire the panorama of the sea on the left and the lagoon dotted with pink flamingos on the right.

  • Cycle routes in Marseillan - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau

The Bagnas reserve

Bird lovers or not, we promise you that you won't regret this outing in the Bagnas reserve.

Nestled between Marseillan and Cap d'Agde, this nature reserve covers no less than 561 hectares, giving you a wide choice of walks. You can, among other things, escape along the Canal du Midi, to the Mont Saint-Loup, to the Onglous lighthouse, to the Maraval estate or to the observation area on the main road.

On the way, look up to see the 250 species of birds that fly over the reserve. Alternatively, take one of the guided tours offered by the Maison de la Nature.

  • The Bagnas reserve in Marseillan - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau

The Noilly Prat House

Would you like to venture into the place where French vermouth is made? Then push open the doors of the Noilly Prat house in Marseillan and go back in time to 1813.

There you can visit the cellars with the cellar master, see the incredible collection of vermouth from the estate, and taste all the aromas.

Haven't had enough yet? You'll be delighted to learn that you can also learn the art of cocktails and oenology in a workshop, before tasting your two cocktails in the courtyard of the house.

Don't leave the premises without having slipped into your suitcase one of the bottles from the Original Dry, Extra Dry, Red or Amber collection (the latter is only available in Marseillan)

  • Noilly Prat House - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau

Tabouriech Le St Barth

Did this guided tour of the Noilly Prat house make your mouth water? We suggest that you continue your discovery of the "Must-See" of Marseillan at the Saint-Barth.

As soon as you arrive, you'll have the feeling of diving into the Thau lagoon... With the unobstructed view of the lagoon and its oyster beds, not forgetting Mount Saint-Clair in the background and the decoration based on products from the lagoon (driftwood, local vegetation...), you'll already have a taste for this little corner of paradise.

But the experience continues on the terrace around a plate of oysters and mussels which are cultivated before your eyes. Between water and sky, we warmly recommend you to taste the traditional Bouzigues oyster and the special Tarbouriech (created and bred here since 2006) with its sweet hazelnut taste.

Don't miss the opportunity to prolong this moment of happiness in the Tarbouriech oyster therapy spa, which offers treatments inspired by the virtues of the oyster.

  • Tarbouriech Domain - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau

The Richemer cellars 

If you prefer wine treasures to marine ones, we suggest you visit the Richemer cellars for this new idea and as the name suggests, there are several to suit all tastes and desires. 

So, go to : 

  • La Cave de la Plage to enjoy some tapas after a few pedal strokes on your bike, as the place has the Accueil Vélo label. 

  • La perle de Thau (the pearl of Thau) which will give you the opportunity to learn more about the white and rosé wines of the lagoon thanks to, among other things, its interactive show trail. 

  • La Cave du Port, where you can take a boat trip to the archipel of Thau, along the Canal du Midi or on the Hérault River after tasting their wines. 

  • Vineyard - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau

The archipel of Thau

Even if the sweet hazelnut taste that makes the Tarbouriech oyster so special could be a delicious finishing touch to our Top 12 must-tries in Marseillan, we thought that the archipel of Thau has so many others that it would be a shame not to let you enjoy them.

So here is a little bonus where we suggest you escape to this destination with no less than 14 communes: Balaruc-le-Vieux, Balaruc-les-Bains, Bouzigues, Frontignan, Gigean, Loupian, Marseillan, Mèze, Mireval, Montbazin, Poussan, Sète, Vic-la-Gardiole and Villeveyrac...

And many facets:

  • Bright: 320 days of sunshine a year.
  • Captivating: 2500 years of history to discover.
  • Gourmet: 30 local specialities to share with the family, with lovers (or not).
  • Lively: 60 professionals with the "Vignoble & Découverte" label.
  • Inspiring: 11 museums, 15 art galleries, 100 artists' studios.
  • Surprising: +20 spectacular activities.
  • Soothing: 54 km of paths between the sea and the garrigue.
  • Fun: 20 km of popular beaches.
  • Rejuvenating: Balaruc-les-Bains, France's leading spa resort.
  • Vibrant: 17 festivals for a year full of emotions.
  • Archipel of Thau - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau