A family holiday


With its family atmosphere, Marseillan will be the ideal destination to satisfy both children and parents during the holidays. And if you are still hesitating to choose the seaside resort for your next stay, let us convince you with our top 8 activities to do with your family. Let's go!



We're starting this top off with a bang, as we're offering the bravest among you the chance to try out water sports with Kithau.
Beginner or advanced... Adult or child... Everyone can discover one of the region's leading sports: kitesurfing.
But the particularity of the establishment is that it offers children from 3 years old to try babyskiing whether they know how to swim or not; and from 4 years old to wakeboard on a ski lift... The ideal way to do activities with the family!

  • Kitesurf - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau

The Marseillan amusement park 

Would you like to go back to your childhood? This is the next experience we suggest you have during your family holidays at the Marseillan amusement park.
But patience will also be required as you will have to wait until nightfall, between June and September, to see the rides light up and the Ferris wheel activate not far from the sea.
On site, you will have the choice between thrill rides and more gentle themed activities. There are giant slides, a pirate ship, game stands, fireworks and restaurants.

  •  - © Etoile de Thau


One step into Pirateland and you'll be swept away into a world full of pirates with no way back... A paradise for children who, in addition to living their dream, can cool off in the park's many pools in summer!

But don't worry about parents, as they can also create memories with their children on the two pirate ships, behind a water cannon, on the slides or simply in the 300 m² pool.

The park also offers to complete this moment of happiness in its mini-golf located just next door. There are several packages available, offering an entrance fee for the water park, the mini-golf course or both.

  •  - © Pirateland

La Camargue Ranch

A visit of the region on horseback... This is the experience that La Camargue Ranch offers you.

Here too, whether you are a beginner or an expert is irrelevant, as several themed rides are offered according to your wishes and level. You can for example :

Walk at pace in the Bagnas nature reserve for 1 hour.

  • Or you could extend this time in the reserve with a 2-hour walk along the seafront and inland.

  •  Gallop along the beach before enjoying the panoramic view of the Thau lagoon and Agde from the Mont Saint-Loup (3h).

  • Escape between land and sea to Mont Saint-Loup for 4 hours.

  • Horse riding - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau

Cycling routes

If you prefer to swap your trusty four-legged steed for a two-wheeled one, we invite you to visit one of Marseillan's bicycle rental companies and explore the region thanks to no less than 25 kilometres of cycle paths

You can, among other things, link Marseillan-Ville to Marseillan-Plage, but also go further in the direction of Cap d'Agde, Sète and the Archipelago of Thau.

For families who prefer to spend a more relaxed afternoon, we invite you to go to Marseillan-Plage along the Avenue de la Mediterranée to rent your rosalie and pedal while admiring the view of the Plage d'Honneur for example.

  • Cycle routes - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau

The ice cream parlours of Marseillan

Don't miss a gourmet break at one of the ice-cream parlours lining the Avenue de la Méditerranée.

Whether you're looking for classic or more exotic flavours, you'll find what you're looking for at Cornet d'Or, Coin Gourmand, Marie Louise or at the heart of the Maison du Glacier... The ideal place to treat your children (and parents)!  

  •  - © Pixabay

The beaches of Marseillan

We no longer present these 6 kilometres of blond sand on a Mediterranean blue background (or almost in this dedicated article), it is the unavoidable stage of the seaside resort.

But we still wanted to introduce you to the one nicknamed La Plagette. Offering an unobstructed view of the Thau lagoon, it is ideal for children who can enjoy the proximity of a playground and a skatepark; for parents who will find several picnic tables and barbecues; and for both of them who can try to catch a few crabs with a net.

  • Beach of Marseillan - © Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau


If there is one type of accommodation in Marseillan that is ideal for families, it is of course camping! Offering a wide range of facilities and activities, they are ideal for children who want to have fun and parents who just want to relax.

Most of the campsites in Marseillan are located on the seafront, and most of them offer direct access to the beach, notably at the La Plage, La Créole, Dunes et Soleil, Beauregard Plage, Beauséjour campsites... A special mention goes to the Beach Garden campsite, which has the Bulle des Sables spa.  

For a little more peace and quiet, we suggest you go to the other side of the Pisse Saumes canal to the Le Robinson and Le Paradou campsites where the beach is wilder and quieter.

As far as hotels are concerned, you will enjoy a good proximity to the port of Marseillan and the Plage d'Honneur at the Hotel Le Richmont, while the Hotel des Dunes and the Hotel de La Chaumière are located not far from the Robinson beach.

But in the end, the choice is yours. That's why we invite you to discover all the accommodations of the destination directly on our Accommodation 2022 guide or to compare them thanks to the filters here.  

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