Binoculars and backpack: I observe birds in the Thau Archipelago!


In the Thau Archipelago, the mildness of autumn and winter invites you to go for nature walks and bird watching. The ideal place? Marseillan, in the heart of the Bagnas nature reserve. 
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The Bagnas nature reserve 

Nestled between Marseillan and Cap d'Agde, the Bagnas nature reserve covers no less than 561 hectares and offers you a wide choice of walks. The promise of beautiful "nature" escapades, during which you can, among other things, escape along the Canal du Midi, to the Mont Saint-Loup (Agatha volcano), to the Onglous lighthouse, to the Domaine de Maraval (a wine-growing estate) or to the observation area on the main road. 
During your walk, you will only have to look up to see the 250 species of birds that fly over the reserve. Unless you prefer to take one of the guided tours offered by the Maison de la Nature. 
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Free discovery 

Due to the presence of numerous animal and plant species and the importance of respecting them and preserving their natural habitat, access to the reserve is prohibited outside of guided tours. 

However, it is possible to take certain paths that cross the reserve: the Maraval road and the southern bank of the Canal du Midi. These paths pass through the site and are therefore only accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. 

Don't have time for a visit? A first approach of the site is also possible from the observation area of the pond, on the side of the road, between Marseillan-Plage and Marseillan-Ville. This place, which is accessible by car, allows you to get a glimpse of the reserve and to observe the birds in the distance. Don't forget your binoculars! 

Other paths outside the reserve are also freely accessible, even with your faithful four-legged friend: Mount Saint-Loup, the famous Agatha volcano, and the edge of the Thau lagoon, at the Onglous lighthouse, where you can easily see, for example, pink flamingos, white spoonbills, egrets... 

Activities for the general public 

All year round, the team at ADENA, the association that manages the Bagnas reserve, offers a programme of outings on various themes in and around the reserve, so that you can improvise as an adventurer for a day in complete safety! 

Equipped with binoculars and spotting scopes and accompanied by a guide, young and old alike will be able to admire the fauna (including the many birds), the flora and the landscapes of the Bagnas. These activities will also enable you to understand the issues related to the management and preservation of the reserve, so you can learn while having fun!  

The themes and contents of these activities (accessible to all), as well as the locations of the outings, vary according to the season. Do not hesitate to consult the programme of activities on the reserve's website

Practical information: In order to guarantee the quality of the activities and the observation, the number of people per activity is limited, so it is imperative to book in advance. The meeting point will be communicated to you when you register.