The unsuspected benefits of the Thau oyster


Famous, among other things, for its oysters, the Thau Archipelago offers a glimpse of its gastronomic heritage in the many shellfish farms and oyster bars in the area. But even more surprisingly, in the spa of the Tarbouriech domain... We tell you more in this dedicated article.  
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The estate

Between the vineyards and the lagoon stands an old folly, accompanied by its former wine storehouse... This is the Tarbouriech estate. A true family home managed today by Sabine and Florent, it honours well-being and offers Thau oysters in all their forms.

But before telling you more about the activities that await you during your stay at the Tarbouriech estate, let us introduce you to the four rooms and suites in the mansion house, the two lodges in the 13th century barn with the sagne roof, the garden lodge and the typical fisherman's house of the region where you can stay during your holidays.  
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The spa

Hidden in the old wine cellars of the estate, the Tarbouriech spa will provide you with a delicious interlude of well-being during your stay in the Thau Archipelago, but its particularity lies above all in its cosmetic products made from oyster nacre.

A real concentrate of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, the flesh of the oyster is rich in energy, proteins and antioxidants, not to mention that it is low in fat. It is quite natural that the Tarbouriech estate was inspired by the virtues of the oyster, a thousand-year-old heritage of Chinese medicine, as well as by the numerous active ingredients with benefits (aragonite, marine collagen, marine silk) to elaborate the products and care protocols offered in their establishment.

Known today as Ostérathérapie, this know-how is to be discovered during a bath based on exclusive active ingredients from the sea and oyster co-products or a massage with the shells of special Tarbouriech oysters, polished and heated.

The more traditional Tarbouriech spa also offers wraps, baths, scrubs, modelling or access to the spa facilities for half a day or a day, and to the heated swimming pool in winter until the summer period, which is over 25 metres long.  
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The restaurant

After this moment of relaxation, do not hesitate to go to the restaurant of the domain to make a new experience around oysters, but this time, in the plate.

Oyster farmers for 3 generations, the Tarbouriech family invites you to their table "La Folie" with a view of the vines and the lagoon to taste a Mediterranean cuisine that evolves with the seasons and works with the respect of local products.

You will taste vegetables from local biodynamic agriculture, meat from local breeders, wine from the region, fish from the daily catch in the lagoon, shellfish, seaweed, not forgetting the signature dish of the estate: oysters. Don't hesitate to extend your discovery of the special Tarbouriech oyster in the oyster bar "Les Nacres".  
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Other gourmet addresses

If, during your discovery of the area, you wish to make a gourmet stop, go to the edge of the lagoon, to an old renovated oyster farm called the St Barth, to taste the special Tarbouriech oyster or even, to vary the pleasures, oysters from Bouzigues and the Seven. You can even taste the mussel brasucade Sabine Tarbouriech style!

In Bouzigues, the cradle of the Mediterranean oyster, the St Pierre awaits you for a tasting of oysters, mussel brasucade and local wines with a view of the breeding tables and the ballet of the oyster barges.  
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The activities

As for activities, the Tarbouriech estate invites you during your stay to learn : 
  • Oysterology: learn how to taste oysters as you would a vintage wine and how to differentiate between Tarbouriech oysters and those from Bouzigues. 
  • Yoga and Original Ayurveda. 
  • gardening and picking in the wooded garden. 
  • oyster farming at the Mas Tarbouriech.
  • or more quietly, to visit the mas Tarbouriech in an oyster barge, to go for a bike ride or to make new culinary discoveries.