You too can have James Bond's favourite cocktail


It is exactly in the port of Marseillan that the mythical James Bond cocktail was born, or more precisely the Noilly Prat house! A real institution in this village on the banks of the Thau lagoon, it offers visitors the chance to try their hand at making their own vermouth-based cocktail, but also to take a trip back in time thanks to its themed guided tours.  
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To get a first glimpse of the Noilly Prat house, you should choose the guided tour entitled "Discover". Accompanied by the cellar master, let yourself be guided to discover the ancestral know-how of the house, unchanged since 1813, through : 
  • the enclosure, an immense open-air cellar ; 
  • the chamber of secrets where the perfumes of plants and spices from all over the world are concentrated; 
  • and a museum area.
 Along the way, keep an eye out for the famous "dodinage" technique and the different stages in the production of vermouth. And of course, as theory cannot be perfectly acquired without practice, a tasting will be offered at the end of the visit. At the cocktail bar, enjoy the flavours of each vermouth in the Noilly Prat collection that you can find in the shop: Original Dry, Extra Dry, Red and Amber, preceded by a demonstration of the aperitif on ice. 
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Would you like to learn more about Noilly Prat? Then follow in the footsteps of the cellar master who will take you into private areas of the estate. You will first explore the unique methods used to age the wines before experiencing a tasting of the wines being aged in the Sainte-Anne enclosure, followed by the Noilly Prat collection. Admire! Smell! Taste!  
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Would you like to learn the art of mixology, the art of cocktails? Opt for the "Mixer" experience! Noilly Prat opens its Basalte bar specifically for this cocktail workshop in the company of an expert. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, come and compose delicious cocktails before tasting them and discovering the entire Noilly Prat vermouth collection during a commented tasting session.

The little extra: A recipe booklet "Cocktails and Gastronomy" will be given to you to know how to perfectly match your vermouth.  
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